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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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address system to instruct panicked passengers. the police union head says the port authority has no evacuation plan in the event of an active shooter or terror attack. the papd pba is asking for access, signage, social media outreach and text message alerts. they hold weekly drills and it is working with governor multiple agency task force to improve security. >> there is no doubt but that the situation has to be improved. this should just not happen. >> reporter: now, the lack of a basic integrated show surveillance and communication system is not a question of money for the port authority. they rake it in every day with the bridge and tunnel tolls. coming up on the fox 5 news at 6:00, i'll tell you why homeland security is going to be taking a closer look at what's going on
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i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: thanks, lisa. suffolk police investigating whether speed was a factor in a deadly crash on the long island expressway that killed five people, including a former aide to governor cuomo. the driver of a subaru was headed eastbound when he lost control, crossed over a median and struck two vehicles. the driver, his sister and 10-year-old son died, with 29-year-old scott martella who was the communications director for suffolk county executive steve he worked as an aide to governor cuomo. an 81-year-old was also killed. dari: a gunman shot and killed a bystander in harlem. the 61-year-old was hit in the neck around 11:45. authorities say simms was not the intended target. community activists say enough is enough and are calling for an
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for the clinton foundation have given donald trump through ammunition on the campaign trail. dari: joe is here with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: 77 days to go and donald trump's campaign is hoping to build on largely a good week. trump expressing regret for some of the things he said, showing up to help during the louisiana floods and hiring new leadership as he continues working on a way to find a way to boost his slumping poll >> this is the best week i think so far in the trump campaign. >> reporter: donald trump's new campaign manager celebrating the new and improved candidate. but even with the campaign under new leadership, there's gaps in what the new team says -- >> i don't like when people hurl personal insults. that's not my style. i'm a mother of four. id would be a terrible example. >> do you think he'll change on that? >> he doesn't hurl personal
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wall, trump tweeted. a neurotic and not bright mess. trump pushing back against reports that he's flip-flopping on how to deal with undocumented immigrants in the u.s. after months on the campaign trail saying the immigrants would have to go back to their country and calling for a deportation force, trump saying he needs to come up with a plan that's firm, but fair. >> you're not flip-flopping? >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. something fair. >> a likely unwanted distraction for the campaign hoping to reset its sights on hillary clinton. the collin clinton foundation came under scrutiny for accepting donations from foreign behaviors. trump is calling for it to be shut down. >> they should shut it down and give the money back to a lot of countries we shouldn't be taking money from. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responding. >> i think we need to evaluate both candidates.
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secretary clinton doesn't draw a salary from the foundation. it does charitable work. donald trump businesses, which affect his bottom line and his net worth, have real ties to countries like russia and china. >> reporter: this as clinton is getting blowback over her e-mail controversy. pushing back against the times report suggesting he gave clinton the idea, colin powell said her people are trying to pin it on me. she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what >> she can't get past the issues. in any other campaign season, this could be the millstone that drags her under. however, she's running against donald trump. and donald trump creates so much news, that we're not able to focus on the questions about hillary clinton. >> reporter: all this as she is out with a new ad hoping to put the attention back on trump and portraying him as unfit for the presidency. >> all it takes is one wrong move. >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of them.
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>> reporter: it was reported today that the fbi found 15,000 additional e-mails that were not disclosed by her attorneys, 50 percent more than the original 30,000 that were handed over. a judge ordered the state department to begin releasing the e-mails earlier than planned. a lot can happen in the final 77 days. trump is hoping the e-mails can maybe turn things around. steve: thank you, joe. dari: thank you. a federal judge in texas has blocked order saying that schools must let students use locker rooms and bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. the judge said gender is defined by biological and anatomical at birth. >> the justice department is weighing its legal options. steve: the financial fallout
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speedo dropped their contract. he apologized and speedo donated a $50,000 portion of his fee to children in brazil. >> a ralph lauren official says they will not renew his deal. this afternoon came word his remaining sponsor, a japanese mattress maker dropped him. dari: former mets and yankees pitcher is fine despite strawberry saying he feared for the former c winner's life. there's concern doc was back on drugs. in an interview this morning with joe piscopo on wnym, he claims everything is good. >> i am an addict. that doesn't mean i'm an active addict. the down thing hurt me. i thought we re-established our relationship. dari: he has said that he still
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addiction. steve: mislabeled pills could have led to the death of prince. pills labeled hydrocodone contained fentanyl, described as 50 times stronger than heroin. autopsy results show he died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. he did not possess a prescription. authorities are investigating how he got his hands on the drugs. dari: the american academy of pediatrics is recommending a certain medication to help young people that are struggling with opioid addiction. steve: melissa shows us how the strategy can help kids kick the habit. >> how to combat the opioid addiction problem in our youth. >> an oral surgeon may prescribe an opioid if somebody has an addiction, you have to be cognizant of that. >> reporter: cognizant of the fact of the illicit opioid use has doubled.
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ages 12 to 25. >> it's how people were prescribing. for people with four impacted wisdom teeth, you give somebody 12 to 15 vicodin, they were giving them 30. >> reporter: the overprescribing resulting in addiction. yet 90 percent of drug addicted youth get no treatment according to the 2012 national survey of drug use and health. medical professionalsis problem. >> when we talk about this, we talk about two words. agonist, antagonist. an agonist is a drug that will give you somewhat of a little high. the antagonist will block the high and take the place of what the opiate that you're taking would do. >> reporter: the doctor explaining that the drug is an agonist. >> it gives a little bit of a
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drug which is not as big a high and you use it may be for six months to a year and you get off the drug of choice, the opiate like oxycodone or percocet, vicodin, et cetera. >> reporter: another approach to combatting a problem that is taking the lives of too many youth. >> have someone placed on something like it. you are doing hard reduction and ultimately saving your life. that's what it's about >> reporter: according to the center for disease control and prevention, drug overdoses kill nearly 44,000 americans a year. that is more than car accidents. another reason why the issue is so pressing. dari: frightening. thank you. steve: pfizer buying a drug company for $14 billion in cash. the pharmaceutical giant has several promising cancer drugs
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development, including a potential breast cancer treatment and potential lymphoma drug. the boards of both companies have approved the deal, which is targeted to close by the end of the year. dari: bets are on for fantasy sports players in new york state. the state's gaming commission granted permits to five daily fantasy operators, including draft kings and fantasy duel. they stopped earlier this year after eric schneiderman compared it to illegal gambling. bill to legalize fantasy sports in june. the governor signed the bill this month. steve: new training for nassau's finest. dari: the new tactics they're learning to help protect the public from terrorists. steve: and disappointment for anyone planning to catch the queen of soul. why aretha franklin cancelled a number of shows, including two at radio city.
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steve: tonight we're getting an exclusive look at a new round of anti-temporary training on long island. dari: linda schmidt shows us some of the new weapons police in nassau county are learning to use. >> reporter: nassau county patrol officers are undergoing intense training to help combat terrorism and active shooter
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patrol officers are usually the first cops on the scene. now instead of waiting for s.w.a.t. teams to arrive, the police department says they will have the fire power they need to protect themselves and the public. >> when they get to a call and it happened to be an active shooter or an incident such as what happened in paris or in orlando, this officer's now going to be better prepared to go forward and meet the threat on an equal basis. >> shooters ready? >> reporter: patrol officers are being trained to use a military-grade weapon. it's a semi-automatic rifle that can fire 30 round per magazine. nassau county started training its specialized units last year, but now patrol officers are receiving the same training and some will have the weapons in their patrol cars. >> most are routine. you'll never see the weapons.
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want us to have them. >> reporter: the training includes classroom instruction. they believe arming their officers is the responsible action to take in the wake of terror attacks around the country and the world. >> to say it's not happening here, we're not doing the public any good or ourselves any good. >> reporter: this isn't a one time session. police say the officers will have to attend training maintain their proficiency with this weapon. back upstairs to you. dari: thank you. well, three major fires in the city this month have been caused by children playing with fire. today, an fdny fire safety event in queens, officials showed youngsters the dangers of playing with matches. daniel nigro says the message needs to be delivered at home as well. >> parents should insure that
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lighters or matches or don't play with the stove or other sources of fire. and parents should maintain supervision over young children at all times. dari: a study by the national fire protection association says nearly 50,000 fires a year juveniles playing with fire. steve: the school pranks have begun in awes australia. the crocs were shoved through a broken window before four people ran in, trashed the place and took off. their mouths were taped shut when the they found them. very australian prank. dari: nick, california weather today. nick: yeah. a high didn't even break 80. it was great. a gusty breeze.
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and again, just a touch below average on the high. got a couple of comfortable days. enjoy them. your sunrise, 6:14. down at 7:43. 76 with a clear sky and the humidity is dry and comfortable at 42 percent. a breezy northwest wind, gusting near 30 miles an hour. the pressure is rising as high pressure builds in from the ohio valley to give us a couple of nice days of weather coming fox 5 sky guardian is all dry. let's review how nice it is. as we look at the high temperature chart, it's in the mid 70s at sussex for their high. 70 at monticello. we've found low 80s from newark down to the jersey shore. 80 at bridgeport. 77 coming from montauk. right now we're holding around 80 in southern connecticut. 77 on the east end. back to 80 at the jersey shore. 76. comfortable in the city. 74 at sussex.
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we have 50 degree temperatures coming in the cooler spots to the north and west. open the window, turn off the ac and save a little money. wind out of the northwest, gusty, 10, 15 miles an hour. some of the gusts have been over the 20-25-mile-an-hour range across central new jersey. the skies are generally clear. clouds across upstate new york and northern new england. that's it. the clear weather goes back to the ohio valley as high pressure ridges in. that's why we'll talk abo week. towards the end of the week. humidity will come up and the temperature will come up as well. until then, we're in great shape. take a look at your day planner. clear out the door. 64 in the city. it will be in the lower 50s, hitting 50 in the cooler valleys north and west. 66 by 9:00 a.m. 76 middle of the day. and 81 tomorrow afternoon with the humidity staying low. not much of a wind. a north wind tomorrow, becoming westerly at 5 miles an hour.
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through. you can see we're in good shape here. that weather will stay nice into wednesday. temperature comes up a bit, but not all that humid. eventually a little higher humidity by thursday. this front will approach for friday. i don't think it will have much moisture to work with by the time it gets here. friday will be the warmest and most humid day of the the week. clear and comfortable tonight. 64 in the city. 50s away from town. tomorrow, some areas won't get out of the upper 70s to the north and west. how about this for vacation planners. 84 on wednesday. 86 on thursday. more humid friday. sun and clouds at 89. could be an isolated shower, but i don't think so. by the time we get to next weekend, we'll stay in the middle 80s. sunshine will carry us into next week. steve: summer doesn't last forever. nick: this is the week to make the most of it. dari: really beautiful.
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the queen of soul won't be asking for respect for the next month or so. aretha franklin says on doctor's orders, she's cancelling upcoming performances, including two shows next month at radio city music hall. the 74-year-old legend should be back on the road sometime in november. franklin cancelled two shows in las vegas last year because of exhaustion. steve: big news for fans of the boss. ? ? steve: more tickets just released for bruce springsteen's three shows at metlife stadium tomorrow, thursday and next tuesday. the boss' concerts have grossed 77 million this year. only queen be made more. dari: and waffle cones taken to a new level. steve: where the owner got the inspiration for these amazing cones. >> you're going to come back.
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dari: and simone boyce getting some basketball pointers from
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dari: the new york livery first hit the court 20 years ago and now some of the young girls who
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steve: simone boyce is here after shooting a round with two of the stars. >> reporter: just because you're tall doesn't mean you can play. i am living proof. i said you do not want me. that's why it was fun to play with the pros. this year marks the 20th an ve verse -- anniversary of the wbna. i played with liberty players >> when was the first time you picked up a basketball? >> i was probably two. >> i started when i was 12. i was a bit later. >> reporter: how do you feel about this season? really good. really good. >> we're in 30 place. trying to get into the second spot. we need minnesota or l.a. to lose a few. >> i want people to say that women's basketball is different than the men's and respect it.
5:25 pm
ha hard or harder. it should be shown how hard we work to get to where we are. >> reporter: you have to teach me. >> okay. let's see what you've got. all right. try left hand with a little jog in there. look up at me. >> reporter: my hand-eye coordination. maybe we should work on my shooting. >> the form they teach us is right hand, your right leg goes up. >> reporter: how was that? >> i'm going to say take one less -- >> got to reach for the cookie jar. >> reporter: okay. i like cookies. cookies! yay! cookies did it. >> i should like block you or
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>> you're going to come back. i'm going to go towards you. >> i'm out of breath. >> reporter: you know what? i've got something for you guys. after this, you're going to have to do something, try a little of my job. >> all right. >> reporter: three, two, >> i'm beth. >> i'm june. and next... >> hi. i'm beth. >> coming up next on fox 5, we've got us, new york play in basketball. >> reporter: i think it's great they've found their calling. basketball is not mine. but congratulations to kia and rebecca. september 3rd, they play: steve: a crazy 20 years. amazing. next generation. dari: that was cute. them doing your job.
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dari: the push to find more
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steve: you wouldn't think there would be a parking problem on the hudson but there's a plan to allow more barges to anchor. dari: lidia curanaj live in yonkers to explain the security concerns that are surrounding this new proposal. hi. >> reporter: hi, dari. on a beautiful day like today, it doesn't get much more beautiful than this. now that new proposal may change this scenic view. >> our waterfront is our greatest asset. and that is why together today because there is a harmful threat. >> reporter: the yonkers mayor is one of many officials against the coast guard's proposal to put 10 commercial shipping anchorages on the hudson river between yonkers and -- >> none of us have received notification. i read about it in the paper. >> reporter: the coast guard is considering the proposal after receiving requests from the shipping industry.
5:31 pm
to tie to a dock and sit alongside developing waterfronts north of new york city. >> if they can't safely find a place to get out of the traffic, they're creating a hazard. so this is a safety issue. >> reporter: edward kelly is the executive director of the maritime association, one of several groups requesting the anchorage sites. >> this is to provide safe, designated anchorages for the traffic in the river that's handling vital economic goods for the communities in queson charge against the sites. he issued this petition called ban the barge as well as a graphic that lays out where the barges would be located 70 miles up along the hudson. >> creating environmental problems with the potential risk of crude oil leaks to the hudson river. >> reporter: right now the coast guard is still in the preliminary stages of deciding whether or not to approve the sites. people we spoke to believe the plan would only ruin what took decades to improve.
5:32 pm
to sit and look at the beautiful fall foliage, it's so rejuvenating. >> i think it's backwards. they spend all the money fixing it up more than it was 20 years ago and now they want to destroy it with barges. >> reporter: this isn't something that would happen overnight. it's not like people will wake up and see barges parked along the hudson river. public hearings will begin next spring. the coast guard is also asking we're live tonight along the hudson river in yonkers, lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. back to you. dari: thank you. a new report is giving newark officials advice on how to take back control of their schools from the state after more than two decades. the report is from an education panel the city and state created. it says if newark continues to show progress, regaining control could be possibly by next year. the city must focus on insuring
5:33 pm
combatting racial bias. steve: kids in south florida adding one more item to the lists. bug spray. winwood is the primary zika zone. they're wearing long sleeves and pants to protect against mosquito bites. the miami-dade schools' superintendent says preparation is key but doesn't want people to panic. >> it does not constitute a threat to young kids. it's to pregnant women. steve: florida's governor says so far, 36 cases of transmitted zika has been diagnosed. dari: new york city has launched a new web site in its fight against the zika virus. you can learn when your neighborhood was last sprayed for mosquitos and where standing water violations were recently issued. the site will be updated weekly and it's part of the city health department's three-year $21 million initiative to keep zika from spreading. steve: a brooklyn man has been
5:34 pm
mockingbird a-- second murder. he was not in court today and has another hearing next week. dari: a former refugee is sharing her story in hopes of teaching others about tolerance and compassion. steve: zachary has more. >> it's like really taking a tree and trying to plant it on a cement floor. >> reporter: some d friend or a stranger. >> it's a story of survival. >> reporter: i'm in bryant park to meeting the author of "the strangers we became." >> a six-year-old opened the door and yelled, mom, the strange people are here. this is the sentence that my mother knows how to say fluently. >> reporter: her book, an
5:35 pm
conversations with her children. it's been a real education at home. >> that's right. >> reporter: the message, one of understanding and openness, has led to a number of speaking engagements in a time that feels heavily divided in our own communities and on the political front. >> there's so much fear and fear creates barriers and there is so much fear of the but the unknown is not to be feared. the unknown is to be explored. the unknown is perhaps to be learned from. the unknown is maybe to be loved. >> reporter: her outlook shaped by her experiences found on these pages, finding acceptance and the peace that comes with it make her a prime candidate to discuss immigration policies. >> i think to look at strangers, to give them the respect and the
5:36 pm
mindful of their origin and their culture and be open to it. >> she's a dentist, a writer by choice, and aware enough to drop a joke or two. >> some people wish they could be -- >> the strangers we became, lessons in exile. thank you so much. nice to meet you. >> thank you so much. steve: ice cream store owner find the recipe for success. >> it became a modern take on our childhood snack food. dari: yeah. waffle cones. the waffle cone that kids and adults are going crazy for. but first, here's tonight's "new york city minute." ? ? dari: dozens of kids from all five boroughs came to central park for a tennis tournament today. this ends a summer of free
5:37 pm
building new relationships. >> i feel like a family when i'm playing tennis with these guys. i love it as a sport. my family plays it. it's in my blood. it makes me feel happy in my heart. dari: a cross-country effort to help cancer patients, survivors and their families through painting is wrapping up at mt. sinai. it's called paint fest and it will end with huge murals in every hospital visited. >> tomorrow hospital to paint in and the idea is the thousands of cancer patients will see color, perhaps think of hope and be calm during treatment. we want to love and comfort people in hospitals. dari: and that's your "new york
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dari: much needed help for the people affected by the historic flooding in louisiana. the federal emergency management agency opening three disaster recovery centers where people can get answers to questions about assistance and low interest loans. the flooding killed 13 people and displaced thousands. president obama is heading to baton rouge tomorrow to look at the damage firsthand. steve: a deadly tree disease now affecting trees on long island. dari: jodi goldberg shows us
5:41 pm
from spreading more. >> you can come outside and sit under a tree, have the shade and be comfortable. >> reporter: lavonna wilson and others in central islip appreciate the lush landscape. but shade may soon be hard to find. >> we have a serious tree disease called the oak wilt. >> this forester says oak wilt as seen in these pictures has the potential to spread if not dealt with immediately. it's com midwest where it's believed four infected trees came from. this is the second case in new york. the first was upstate. >> it disrupts the flow of nutrients and kills the key rapidly, two to three months. >> reporter: the state issued an emergency order for a red oak free zone which requires all red oak within 150 feet to be removed and destroyed.
5:42 pm
oak trees. that's the predominant species on long island. >> reporter: beatrice is open to the idea. >> there are deer, turkeys, foxes, turtles, bunnies, chipmunks, animals depend on the trees. >> my yards won't be the same. >> reporter: the dec will notify landowners within the next few dari: a classic hong kong street food is one of instagram's most popular desserts. steve: the chinatown shop that's sparked the latest ice cream craze. dari: and how scientists are using milk to cut down on food
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new sugar guidelines for kids call for less than six teaspoons of added sugar a day and one serving of soda a week. dari: that one is tough. joining us is dr. devi. good to see you. >> and you, too. dari: i love this. i try very hard. it's very difficult. there's so many things you don't know have sugar in them. >> exactly. six teaspoons is 100 calories, so not much.
5:46 pm
cakes but there's cereals. dari: barbecue sauce. steve: milk. everywhere. >> in july 2018, they'll come out with new labels that give you more information about the added sugars. this is the first time the aha is coming out with the expert recommendations for kids between 2 to 18. for them, it's really important to try to be as strict as possible in following the guidelines. there's a strong correlation that if you have more of these added sugars, you're more to develop obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and perhaps eventually heart disease. so it is important. steve: we grew up in the sugar generation. everything was full calorie soda, sports drinks, candy all day long. it's a habit. it's hard to quit when you get older. >> even for me, i feel like, you know, we were taught to have lots of carbs, that should be the majority of the diet.
5:47 pm
and if they substitute more, they may not -- especially for kids under two. the recommendation is they shouldn't have added sugars. since that might be the time you develop your taste for certain things, the thinking is if they don't have exposure to sugars, maybe they won't crave them later in life. dari: that would be very nice. steve: wish i had done that. dari: this is very interesting and eco-friendly. could preserve food better and cut down on waste and we could be seeing it within three years on store shelves. >> it's exciting. we have a lot of problems with malnutrition and starvation and food waste. part of the reason for that is that even though we have a lot of food, it goes bad before you can send it to people because of poor packaging, poor refrigeration. to have packaging that might be better than foil or better than
5:48 pm
advantage in terms of treating those issues like malnutrition and in terms of food waste and environmental waste. i think it's very exciting. the packaging is supposed to be made out of casing, which is a milk protein. it's organic. but there might be some critics. for people who are hesitant to have animal products or dairy, if you're allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant, there might be an issue. you might have some resistance from people where the packaging from food going bad, but just a mechanical barrier. people put their hands in and touch everything. most of this -- i still think it's a great thing. when they stock the shelves, the idea is to have it in cardboard or packaging for the larger containers. if people in your family are reaching into the fridge and grabbing different things, you might not -- steve: got you. dari: so true. steve: cutting down food waste
5:49 pm
this morning was a shock to the system. we've been used to 95, 100 percent humidity. i walked the dog. i was like whoa. nick: wait until tomorrow morning. it will be even cooler. low 60s to mid 60s in the city. 63, 64, something like that. and it's going to be 50 out the door in the suburbs off to the north and west. that will come as a shock compared to what we've had recently. nice, comfortable day, in the upper 70s to 80. that was the high in most of the tri-state. 80 85 washington, d.c. mid 70s further west towards pittsburgh and buffalo. 78 from williamsport. the humidity down. there was a bit of a breeze. felt nice, this refreshing northwest breeze. it was gusting 25-plus miles an hour. that will diminish through the evening and overnight period. looking at fox 5 sky guardian, nothing to look at. we'll move on to the satellite photograph and show you a few clouds are in upstate new york. we had a couple of fair weather
5:50 pm
that's been about it. they'll be going away tonight. the sky goes back to clear. we'll keep the sunshine in the forecast as we head into tomorrow. right now, very comfortable. already now 66 in monticello. 81 at newark. 80 at the jersey shore. no sea breeze with the wind out of the northwest. 80 at bridgeport and islip. 77 coming from montauk. there's the northwest wind tonight and will diminish past midnight. it will be 5 miles an hour tomorrow. that's because high pressure is moving across the ohio valley. it will sort of shift slowly eastward and by the time it gets offshore, we'll see temperatures come up later in the week. the humidity will start rising. a little on thursday and more for friday. that will be the most uncomfortable day of the next couple that will be coming our way. until then, it's nice. you can see not much happening. a couple of thunderstorms
5:51 pm
louisiana. this is typical in the monsoon season for the western states, the desert southwest, particularly the afternoon showers and storms that fire up. highs tomorrow pretty comfortable for the west coast. 70 seattle. 80 in l.a. 85 in denver. 92 through dallas and san antonio. 90 in vegas -- new orleans. 83 in chicago. we'll be around 81, 82. a comfortable day for tomorrow. we'll look at the futurecast to show you the sky will stay clear. you can see clear through tomorrow through tomorrow afternoon. clear sky again for tomorrow night. a comfortable night will be coming our way. there's wednesday, looking just as fine. sunshine, a couple of degrees warmer on tuesday. winds out of the north. water about 72 or 3 on average. uvi down to a 7 tomorrow. just a low risk for rip currents. a good beach day coming up. 64 tonight in midtown.
5:52 pm
we'll call that comfortable. tomorrow, nice day again. upper 70s to the lower 80s with beautiful sunshine. we'll keep that going wednesday, 84. thursday, 86. a little more humid later thursday. friday, you'll feel the humidity with sun and clouds at 89. the front goes by friday night. back to good weather for the weekend. good weather right into monday. steve: thank you. how about this. a new addition to the fox 5 family. stacey delikat giving birth to a baby boy saturday night. ounces. adorable. everyone is doing well. congrats to them. their dog has to make room. there's a baby in the house. dari: look how sweet he is. she had a rough summer. it was so hot. now she's all done. congratulations. why settle for a regular waffle cone when you can have a special one? >> kerry drew has the story behind social media's favorite
5:53 pm
>> reporter: it's the most instagramed snack of the summer. you've probably seen these sweet colorful creations on social media. they're from egg lou in chinatown. michael chan is the brains behind the business. >> it started between me and my friends justin and david. it childhood snack food. >> reporter: michael grew up in the neighborhood and remembers eating these hong kong style waffles in the park. >> i used to play at columbus park with my grandma and we ate the egg waffles down the block. they were like the perfect mix of just being crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. people loved them. >> reporter: michael decided to try to re-create his favorite
5:54 pm
>> a lot of trial and error. a lot of flour all over the kitchen. >> reporter: then he added ice cream and realized he was on to something. >> everyone loves ice cream. it's a great combination. what's different is it's meant to be broken apart. when it's combined with ice cream, you can rip it apart, dip it and eat it. >> reporter: what is this contraption? >> waffle makers. they're designed in a way where they have little round bubble cooks in a couple of minutes. we have different flavored waffles, the original, which is sold in street cars, green tea and chocolate. you pick your ice cream. we have hard and soft serve. and then unlimited toppings. we've had a couple of people order every topping. you have an original with vanilla and mine has strawberry cheesecake ice cream. >> reporter: let's dig in.
5:55 pm
i feel like the people on instagram. >> how do you like it? >> reporter: so good. the taste is incredible. the perfect combination of a hot waffle and cold ice cream. and part of the fun of the experience is snapping a photo for social media. you can enjoy the snack with friends and your followers. for "the snack", i'm kerry drew. steve: amazing how you have to have a cool presence to have a cool dessert. dari: it's huge. steve: here's christina park with what's coming up. coming up, not only are younger people dealing with obesity, the problems obesity is causing are more serious and debilitating than ever. we'll look at reversing the trend. and we answer whether or not your phone should stay plugged in overnight next on the fox 5
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. christina: hello and good evening. i'm christina park in for ernie anastos who is off today. there are calls to overhaul security at area airports after a major scare a week ago that made headlines for the chaos and confusion that followed false reports of gunfire. at jfk, each terminal has a separate system. that's not all that can lead to misinformation if something goes
5:59 pm
explain. good evening. >> reporter: well, good evening. now, the port authority is telling us that they conduct weekly active shooter drills and regular multiagency response exercises, but now critics are claiming the confusion we saw that paralyzed the airport for hours is highlighting glaring gaps in security. the mayhem started with reports of shootings that turned out to be fake inside terminal 8 and terminal 1 at kennedy airport on sunday, august 14th. passengers tried to run. no one knew what to do. we've learned it's because port authority police, who arrived within a couple of minutes, had no access to public address systems. the former director of security f fo for -- -- says it's inexcusable. >> you need to get instructions what to do. you're a passenger. you're somebody who is not a professional security person. somebody needs to instruct you
6:00 pm
stay in place, move to a sh shelter, do something. >> another big issue is the lack of an integrated cctv or show surveillance. some of the terminals have video feeds, but there's no overall comprehensive system so police can see what a threat may be. the port authority police is recommending that police have access to realtime video, just like the nypd. >> most shopping malls in america are more protected and better >> reporter: the port authority says it's working with its federal, state and local partners on a top to bottom review of what went wrong that night. for starters, the papd ppb says how about an evacuation plan, emergency exit signs and text message alerts in case of danger. charles schumer is asking for homeland security to step in. >> i am calling on the department of homeland security, the federal department of


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